3 Good Hemp Products You Need

3 Good Hemp Products You Need

Since I was a wee one I’ve never been a milk fan, I always had my cereal dry so I’ve been so happy that you can find milk alternatives in every supermarket. My latest fav is Hemp milk, if you haven’t tried it you must! It has this amazing, subtle, nutty taste and is packed full of Omega 3. Hemp isn’t just tasty it also has a great story behind it. It’s an amazingly sustainable crop that’s environmentally friendly and is super versatile. I’ve gone a bit hemp mad recently experimenting with its various forms.Here are my top hemp products and how I cook with them.

Hemp Milk

So if you’re not a regular milk fan like me and you are into trying different milks then you have to give this one a go. It’s packed full of Omega 3 (great for the baby too). I usually use it for a morning Matcha latte or on porridge.

Hemp Protein Flour and Hemp Heart Seeds

I love baking, check out my desserts recipe section to see! Now, baking gluten free can often be hard as there aren’t many great flours out on the market but hemp protein flour is fab for making cakes as well as pancakes :) It’s made from 100% ground hemp and is an easy way to bring more protein and fibre into your diet. I’m also a massive fan of hemp heart seeds which are also packed full of Omega 3. I love sprinkling them over my salad to add a delicious nutty crunch.

Hemp Oil

My kitchen cupboard is full of lots of different oils, but one I always reach for is Good Hemp Oil. It’s made from cold pressed hemp seeds and is super eco-friendly. I love using this on my stir-fry or when I’m making a dressing for salads. Because of its higher smoking point, I drizzle a bit of oil on a pan or waffle iron when making my sweet potato waffles. Wanna make them? then click here for the recipe.

Have you used hemp ingredients before? So are you a hemp convert like me? If you want to find out more there’s lots of great information about hemp on the Good Hemp website, check it out now – www.goodhempfood.com

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