3 foods to heal your gut

3 foods to heal your gut


A healthy gut is key to a healthy life. Your digestive system is where you break down your food and absorb all the beautiful nutrients. It’s like looking after your engine.

A healthy gut promotes a strong immune system and also reduces bloating. These 3 foods will help your gut heal and thrive:


1.     Chlorophyll Rich Greens


Chlorophyll rich greens like wheatgrass, chard, kale, collard, mustard, spinach, alfalfa, and seaweed all help alkalise the body and work as a natural anti-inflammatory. Chlorophyll helps to eliminate waste, detox the body and nourishes the digestive system.

Get your kale fix in my delicious courgette ribbon and kale bowl.


2.     Fermentable fibres


Foods rich in fermentable fibres like: sweet potato, cauliflower, butternut squash and artichoke.

They are great for the stimulation of good bacteria production in the colon. They also stabilise blood sugar levels, increase low acid stomach levels and reduce inflammation in the gut.

Try getting some cauliflower in your life by blending it into rice, or fry them like steaks! Try my cauliflower steak recipe with pomegranate for a delicious gut healing meal.


3.     Drink Kombucha

Madeleine Shaw drinking from a coconut

Gut healing is all about filling it with fermented foods. I love sipping on kombucha it is a fermented tea and it tastes a bit like ginger beer.

Our gut bacteria can get out of balance from endless antibiotics, stress, alcohol and sugar. Kombucha is bursting full of probiotics and enzymes and has been shown to reduce leaky gut and stomach ulcers.

It is full of beneficial bacteria that compete with “bad” pathogen bacteria in the gut and digestive tract helping create a healthy balance. Try sipping on it at 4pm instead of an other cup of coffee, it’s really energising.


What foods do you use to heal your gut? Please leave a comment below…

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