2015, The Best Year Yet

2015, The Best Year Yet

I am so excited about 2015. It will be the best year yet.

You might be feeling a little heavier and tired starting the year, but don’t fear I will get you back in fighting shape.

Here are a few steps to get you back on track:

1. Stop beating yourself up

We all overeat over the festive period and pop on a few kgs so don’t worry. It will melt off. Just focus on the positives of that time- the fun you had!

2. Up your protein

Eating clean healthy protein will help curb cravings and build a lean physique – so pop some eggs, meat, fish, quinoa, nuts and hemp onto your plate.

3. Move

Start moving your body, it might be a walk, jog, yoga or dance class, but make sure you commit to it. Don’t just talk about it. Book it into your diary.

4. Quit sugar for a month.

Ditch all refined sugar and all fake sugar too. It sends us out of whack: high sugar intake upsets important hormones in our bodies – especially insulin, the energy-storage hormone. It can make us fat: when our blood sugar levels are high we use a certain amount for ready energy, but the rest we simply store as fat.

5. Breathe

Start the year stress free, by focussing on your breath. Take breaks in the day to practice the following slow breathing techniques. Aim to take 5 deep belly breaths, soon you will be feeling stress free, happy and healthy.

6. Eat Clean

Have a look through my recipes. Why not try this juice….this salad… or this dinner. All my recipes are full of glow inducing ingredients that you will love!

7. Smile

This year is all about fun, smile every day and don’t take living healthily too seriously. It’s all about enjoying every moment.

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